It's not just about completing transactions, it's about building personal relationships

Our aim is to convert transactions into meaningful relationships by providing seamless communication and personalized assistance.

Back Office Solutions: Redefining Transactions

We understand that each business is unique and requires specific back-office services. That’s why we offer customized solutions designed to complement your operations seamlessly.

Efficient Handling of Claims from Submission to Resolution.

From meticulous data analysis to cutting-edge fraud detection and efficient settlement procedures, Consulting Business Innovation© guarantees precision, regulatory compliance, and swift resolution. Navigate the intricate landscape of claims management with our all-encompassing solution, prioritizing operational efficiency, client satisfaction, and adherence to industry regulations. Whether your business operates in insurance, banking, real estate, or any other sector, we specialize in facilitating accurate claims processing from initiation to conclusion.

  • ➡️Streamlined Intake and Registration Processes
  • ➡️Thorough Claims Adjudication
  • ➡️Verification of Coverage with Precision
  • ➡️Advanced Fraud Detection & Prevention Measures
  • ➡️Rigorous Quality Assurance and Auditing Protocols
  • ➡️Timely and Effective Claims Resolution and Closure Strategies

Financial Assurance

From thorough management of financial transactions to bookkeeping services, fraud detection, and credit oversight, our dedicated team ensures accuracy, compliance, and reliability in all financial operations. With a focus on optimizing workflows and safeguarding against risks, we provide a comprehensive suite of services that enhance efficiency and instill confidence in your financial processes.

  • ➡️Financial Management and Bookkeeping Services
  • ➡️Credit Evaluation and Management Services
  • ➡️Inventory and Asset Auditing Services
  • ➡️Fraud Detection and Prevention Measures
  • ➡️Advanced Data Monitoring and Analysis Capabilities

Chat Services

Whether guiding customers through their purchasing journey, addressing inquiries, or offering technical assistance, the live chat services provided by the Consulting Business Innovation© Platform ensure swift and personalized transactions. Focused on enhancing customer satisfaction and fostering loyalty, our platform empowers your business with tailored, agile, and responsive solutions to facilitate seamless transactions, provide instant responses to queries, and deliver personalized experiences aligned with your business objectives.

  • ➡️Customer Support
  • ➡️Order Processing and Management
  • ➡️Sales and Lead Generation
  • ➡️Appointment Scheduling
  • ➡️Proactive Engagement”

Content Moderation Solutions: Ensuring Online Safety and Brand Integrity

“Cultivate a safe digital environment with our vigilant content moderation services. We diligently supervise user-generated content to uphold online security and positivity. Committed to enforcing community guidelines, protecting brand reputation, and nurturing user confidence, we swiftly detect and rectify inappropriate content in diverse formats: text, images, videos, and live chats.”


Enhance your transactional operations with a partner committed to delivering exceptional service quality. Schedule a consultation with one of our experts to discover more!

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