What’s the one thing Consulting Business Innovation can do better than any other?


At ©Consulting Business Innovation, we excel at providing unparalleled flexibility to our clients, enabling them to achieve agility, increased productivity, and cost savings. Our comprehensive solutions offer everything your contact center needs to reduce FTE needs and deliver better service levels.

Whether it’s matching contact arrival patterns, unexpected volume bursts, or seasonal demands, our innovative approach allows you to quickly and easily scale operations up or down. Say goodbye to extensive hiring or layoffs – with Consulting Business Innovation, you can effortlessly adjust your resources to meet fluctuating demand while maintaining operational efficiency.

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Intra-day Flexibility

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Flexibility Versatility

Strengthen your competitive advantage.

Capture new opportunities.

Rapid Response & Nimbleness

Stay ahead in a dynamic business environment with our solutions, enabling faster response times to changing volume patterns and unplanned demand. Quickly adjust to promotions or weather events, maintaining operational agility.

Cost Efficiency:

Achieve cost efficiency with our Consulting Business Innovation Flex solution. By reducing your total FTE need through advanced scheduling, we precisely allocate resources to match customer demand, eliminating overstaffing and shortfalls.

Hazard Management & Operational Resilience

Partner with Consulting Business Innovation to diversify resources and mitigate the impact of disruptions or talent shortages, ensuring business continuity.

Conformity & Legal Compliance

Adapt seamlessly to changing regulatory requirements and compliance standards, keeping your business in line with evolving industry regulations.

Team Satisfaction:

Our Service Partner agents enjoy flexibility in choosing their schedules, promoting work-life balance and improved experiences. Expect reduced burnout and decreased program attrition.

Customer Satisfaction:

Delight your customers with personalized support delivered across any channel, quickly and efficiently. Our solutions improve satisfaction and promote greater loyalty.

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