Empathetic Support for Your Insurance Need

we understand that when your customers reach out, they’re seeking more than just assistance — they’re seeking empathy and understanding. That’s why our contact center agents are dedicated to providing compassionate support in every interaction. With a network of licensed and unlicensed agents ready to listen, reassure, and assist, we ensure that your customers feel valued and supported.

Inbound and Outbound Customer Service

New Policy Sales

Claims Support

Open Enrollment Assistance

Omnichannel Connections

Business Continuity Assurancee

 underscores the criticality of maintaining operational resilience, especially amidst catastrophic events and natural disasters. Insurance providers must ensure the availability of a dedicated team capable of providing empathetic support and ensuring seamless coverage continuity, even amidst disruptions to physical contact centers.

Steady-state Team at the ready:

Our nationwide network of certified insurance agents is accessible year-round for all customer care and sales requirements.

Fostering loyalty and trust:

The Consulting Business Innovation Team acts as an extension of your brand, enhancing customer loyalty and trust with each interaction. Their expertise in empathetic customer advocacy consistently boosts CSAT and NPS ratings, ensuring a positive customer experience even amidst adversity.


Resilience in adversity epitomizes genuine success. At Consulting Business Innovation, we're poised to ensure continuity and support, irrespective of the obstacle. Your clients deserve unparalleled attention.

Life & Health

Flexibility to Match Your Demands:

Our flexible model ensures access to a skilled pool of agents during planned open enrollment and Medicare redetermination periods, eliminating the need for seasonal agents.

Empathetic, Certified Team Enhance CX

Our team, proficient in licensed life insurance sales, health insurance claims, and customer service, is well-versed in your brand. They assist new and existing members in understanding eligibility, benefits, and products/services, as well as facilitating new policy enrollments.

Tailored Support for Every Customer

Adapt to your customers’ preferences, regardless of their preferred communication channel. Benefit from our omnichannel support options, spanning phone, chat, email, social media, and more.


Adapting to our clients' evolving needs ensures that we are always one step ahead, ready to provide exceptional service wherever and whenever it's needed.

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