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Transforming Travel and Hospitality Experiences

Your guests and travelers desire an effortless and smooth experience while interacting with expert travel specialists. They want to be able to plan their trips with ease and enjoy the process as much as they enjoy the actual experience of traveling. The same holds true for the leaders of contact centers in the travel and hospitality industry, who are responsible for delivering exceptional experiences to their customers.

Airlines & Transportation

Hotels & Lodging

Rental Cars

Restaurants/Delivery Services

Cruise Lines

Our goal is to make every interaction a memorable experience, leaving guests eager to return for their next adventure.

Eliminating Long Hold Times

Delays are often unavoidable, but long hold times don’t have to be. With Consulting Business Innovation, make hold times and talent shortages a thing of the past. Our network of agents is available every step of the way, ensuring SLAs are met or exceeded while providing customers with the assistance they need.

Empathetic Brand Strengthening

Our empathetic and professional team strengthens your brand and enhances customer loyalty with each interaction. Whether answering questions or assisting customers in booking trips with their loyalty points, we ensure every guest receives an experience to write home about, from bookings and reservations to payment support and information collection.

Scalability on Demand

Scale your operations as needed without the constraints of a traditional contact center environment. Consulting Business Innovation allows you to control costs by scaling up or down based on volume, unplanned activity, and demand forecast changes. Our model ensures tight overhead costs without paying for idle time.

Memorable Guest Experiences

Give each guest an experience to write home about, from bookings and reservations to payment support to information collection.

Why Consulting Business Innovation Matters

©Consulting Business Innovation is not just another contact center model; it represents our commitment to delivering unparalleled customer service. Our approach revolves around selecting the most motivated and passionate agents, enabling us to offer flexible, scalable, and high-quality customer service solutions tailored to your specific needs, budgets, and objectives.

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